Twin Size

Twin size is also referred to as full size or teen size. However, there isn’t a general consensus on what dimensions constitute a twin size. Nonetheless, most manufacturers have twin sizes that measure either 48 x 78 inches or 48 x 72 inches. This size is best suited for individual use as it tends to fit comfortably over a person’s body with minimal drape. Drape is caused when there is an excess of material that hangs down. When a duvet drapes, the weight of it can cause the comforter to slide off an individual.

Weighted blankets are available in different textile options. Most commonly, you will find duvets made from wool, flannel, cotton, bamboo, and plush Minky. Plush Minky, flannel, and wool are best for people who tend to be cold when they sleep. Cotton, bamboo, and silk are ideal for people who tend to be hot sleepers.

Twin size comforters come in various weight options. When selecting a blanket weight, you should begin by calculating 10 percent of your body weight. Once you have this number, select a weight that comes closes to it. For example, if you weigh 145 pounds, you could choose either 15 pounds or if you want something heavier, 18 pounds. It all depends on how much pressure you desire.

These duvets contain weighted components that give the comforter its heft. This material can be any number of things. In general, this content is either micro glass beads, grains, poly plastic pellets, sand, steel shot beads, rice, millet, or chains. To keep the material from bunching or shifting, the components are sewn into small grids. This sewing method keeps the weight of the duvet evenly distributed.

A twin-size blanket can be folded to increase its heaviness. This gives you the option of putting additional pressure on particular parts of your body. For instance, if you have pain in your shoulders or back. When you fold a duvet in half you double the pressure. Therefore a 12-pound comforter feels like a 24-pound comforter. If you fold it an additional time, then the weight doubles again. A 24-pound blanket becomes akin to a 48-pound blanket.

To minimize the frequency with which you have to clean your blanket, you should purchase a duvet cover. This will help to keep the dirt and debris off your blanket. Covers come in a variety of fabrics and tend to be machine washable and removable. It’s a good idea to choose a cover with ties so that it can be properly attached to the comforter. This will ensure that the duvet doesn’t move around or get tangled inside the cover. Additionally, you should look for a cover that has a zipper, as this will make putting on and removing the cover easier. If you have to wash the weighted blanket, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Brands that offer Twin size weighted comforters:

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