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Sweetzer & Orange is a weighted blanket designed specifically for children. In contrast to traditional weighted blankets, blankets for kids come in lower weights, are softer, and have fun patterns. Sweetzer & Orange offers blankets in 5 lbs and 7 lbs. The 5lbs blanket measures 36″ x 48″ and is ideal for children who weigh 42 to 63 lbs. The 7 lbs blanket measures 41″ x 56″ and is ideal for children who weigh between 58 and 88lbs.

Weighted blankets are ideal for children who suffer from autism spectrum disorders, sleep disorders, anxiety, and other sleep issues. The deep touch pressure of a weighted blanket acts as a gentle hug or massage, aiding the brain to produce the natural mood-enhancing hormone, serotonin, and decreasing the stress hormone cortisol. Deep touch pressure therapy has been around for decades. It’s performed through massage, gentle squeezing, or hugs. However, a weighted blanket makes receiving deep touch pressure therapy more practical. A weighted blanket allows a child the autonomy to soothe themselves wherever and whenever they may need it. Additionally, weighted blankets are more effective at evenly distributing pressure across the body, which improves the results of the therapy.


Sweetzer & Orange also offers an adult model of their weighted blanket. The weighted adult blanket comes in 10 lbs, 15 lbs, and 20 lbs weights and is made out of silky cotton chambray and cotton flannel. To select the ideal weight, customers should choose a blanket weight that is 10 percent of their body weight.


The blanket for children is available in two weights and two sizes:

  • 5 lbs – 36” x 48”
  • 7 lbs – 41” x 56”

The removable cover for the children's blanket comes in four pattern/color options

Colors: sleepy animals, sleepy dinosaurs, blue stripes, grey stripes

For children that are sensitive to bright, multi-colored, and pattern objects, Sweetzer & Orange recommend the striped patterns.

The blanket for adults is available in three weights and three sizes:

  • 10 lbs – 41” x 60”
  • 15 lbs – 48” x 72”
  • 20 lbs – 50” x 78”


  • The cover and blanket for the kid's model are machine-washable.
  • The blankets have been designed with reinforced stitching to prevent leakage.
  • Covered in cotton, the children's blanket is ideal for the warmer months.
  • The Minky dot fleece of the children's cover can provide extra warmth in the colder months and is suitable for kids with anxiety who like tactile fabrics.
  • The adult blanket is double-sided, with one side being ideal for winter, and the other side being suitable for summer.


  • There are only two color options for the weighted adult blanket.
  • Customers report that the corner ties that hold the cover in place slide off.
  • The cover tends to attract a lot of lint.
  • Some customers have reported that the beads bunch up, and the blanket needs to be shaken to get the beads in the right place.
  • The adult blanket only offers three weight options.


Materials - 7.5
Softness - 9.5
Warmth - 7.5
Comfort - 8
Breathability - 8.5
Size and Weight Options - 7.5
Ease of Cleaning - 9.5
Value - 9.5
Technical details

The Sweetzer & Orange weighted blanket for children comes with a duvet cover that attaches to the blanket with corner ties. The blanket is made of soft cotton, and the cover is made of Minky fabric. The inside of the blanket is filled with glass beads that are noiseless, non-toxic, and odorless.

The Sweetzer & Orange weighted blanket for adults is double-sided. One side of the blanket is cotton chambray, and the other is of cotton flannel. The inside of the blanket contains glass beads that are non-toxic, noiseless, and odorless.


The Sweetzer & Orange weighted blanket for children is made of soft cotton. The material is gentle to the touch and is ideal for sensitive skin. Cotton is smooth and cool, allowing the skin to breathe and inhibiting overheating, which makes it ideal for children who suffer from eczema or other skin issues. The inside fill of the blanket is glass beads. These beads are non-toxic, noise-free, and fragrance-free. To distribute the weight of the beads evenly, the beads are sewn into grids. These grids also create a close hug feeling that provides deep touch pressure.

The cover for the weighted blanket is Minky fabric. Minky is a type of plush fabric made from 100% polyester. This fabric is similar to fleece but softer and thicker. Additionally, the blanket has raised nubs that are tactically soothing for children with autism, ADHD, and other spectrum disorders.

The Sweetzer & Orange weighted blanket for adults is made of both cotton chambray and cotton flannel. Cotton chambray is a plain-weave fabric made from cotton, and it can sometimes look like denim. Chambray is soft in texture and thin in construction, making it ideal for spring and summer. Cotton flannel, by contrast, is ideal for winter because the flannel's fuzzy finish traps air in little pockets, and these pockets act as insulation to keep the body's heat in and the cold air out. The inside of this blanket contains inodorous, silent, and non-toxic glass beads. The beads are sewn into grids to prevent them from shifting. This allows for an even distribution weight distribution.


The cover and the blanket of the children's weighted blanket are machine-washable. However, some users have reported that the blanket has broken apart in the wash. As such, it's best to use the gentle cycle.

The weighted adult blanket is not machine washable and should be spot cleaned and air-dried.

Where do they ship?

Sweetzer & Orange weighted blankets for both children and adults are available through Amazon and on their website. They ship worldwide, and shipping fees depend on the customer's location.

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