Queen Size

The Queen size weighted blanket is the most popular size. It measures 60 x 80 inches. Most manufacturers carry a Queen size as both individuals and couples can use it. This size is ideal for single or double use because it is large enough for two people, without being so large as to drape excessively. An excess of drape will cause the duvet to slide off a person, which is why you must choose a comforter size with minimal drape. 

For solo use, you should get a blanket that is lighter in weight. If you’re going to share the duvet, you should get a more substantial weight as the pressure will be divided between you and your partner. When using a comforter with more weight by yourself, consider folding the blanket. If you fold the blanket lengthwise and then slide between the two halves, you will receive half the pressure. So, for example, if your comforter weighs 30-pounds, you would get a feeling of 15-pounds of pressure. Should your blanket be lighter and you want to increase the weight, fold the duvet in half and lay underneath the entire comforter. This will double the pressure. Therefore if you have a 20-pound duvet and you fold it in half, the weight will be similar to 40-pounds. You can also fold it into thirds to double the weight a second time. Therefore, the pressure of your blanket will go from feeling like 40-pounds to being akin to 80-pounds. However, no matter what weight you choose, it’s vital that you can carry it with ease. This is so that you avoid buying a comforter that is too heavy as too much weight on your body may cause discomfort or injury.

Comforters of this size come in a variety of fabric types. Common materials include flannel, plush Minky, silk, wool, cotton, and bamboo. For hot sleepers, cotton or bamboo is recommended. Cold sleepers should opt for plush Minky or flannel. 

Queen size weighted duvets are available in different weight options. To start with, you should choose a weight that is close to 10 percent of your body weight. You can then add or decrease the weight depending on how much pressure you want. For instance, if you weigh 130 pounds, you can select a weight of 12 or 15 pounds.

The weight for weighted comforters can come from a variety of materials. Most commonly, manufacturers use things like grains, chains, plastic pellets, and glass beads. This weighted content is segregated inside tiny squares to keep the material well proportioned over a person’s body. Sewing the duvet in this way also prevents the weighted content from bunching and shifting.

To keep your blanket clean, it’s recommended that you purchase a duvet cover. This cover should be easily removable and machine washable. Additionally, it should have ties to keep it securely attached to the weighted comforter. If you have to clean the weighted blanket itself, then you should follow the guidelines set out by the manufacturers.

Brands that offer Queen size weighted duvets:

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