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Weighted blankets have long been touted for their therapeutic benefits. These blankets employ a process known as Deep Pressure Stimulation or DPS. DPS works by activating the central nervous system, adjusting its hormone production in ways that benefit the body. In particular, it boosts serotonin and melatonin and reduces cortisol. Serotonin is known as the happy hormone, and melatonin promotes sleep, while cortisol is the stress hormone. As a result, weighted blankets have been known to calm panic attacks, soothe anxiety, improve sleep quality and relieve stress.

Having personally struggled with insomnia, the founders of the Nuzzie Knit know what’s it’s like to suffer from a lack of sleep. They also have personal experience with all the tricks of the trade regarding natural remedies for insomnia. Especially the weighted blanket. While they found that weighted blankets worked for insomnia, they also felt that they could improve the design. 

In general, weighted blankets are filled with glass beads that are noisy and shift during the night, so the weight isn’t distributed evenly. These blankets also have poor circulation and trap body heat, causing many people to overheat. So the makers of Nuzzie decided that they would set out to make a better weighted blanket.

After a lot of research and three years of customer feedback, the Nuzzie Knit was born.


Unlike traditional weighted blankets, which are akin to duvets, the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket is more like an oversized sweater. While it’s weighted and warm, it’s also breathable. The blanket’s breathability comes from its loosely knitted structure with open spaces that allow air to pass through. As a result, you won’t work up a sweat at night. Furthermore, rather than using beads to provide weight like a traditional weighted blanket, the Nuzzie Knit uses thick tubular fabric. This is an improvement over conventional blankets because, unlike beads, the tubular fabric won’t shift around as you sleep. The fabric material is composed of Nuzzie’s proprietary patent-pending DuraFill. DuraFill is a high-density fiber that is known for being ultra-durable and long-lasting. The Nuzzie is also completely machine washable and dryable. In general, most weighted blankets can’t be machine-washed or dried. This is, therefore, a huge advantage to owning the Nuzzie Knit.

The Nuzzie knit is not only functional, but it’s fashionable as well. Designed with home decor in mind, the Nuzzie Knit is appealing to the eye and will look good placed on furniture in the living room or bedroom. Furthermore, because the weight comes from the fabric, you can drape it over your lap without the weight pulling it to the ground.

The Nuzzie knit comes in four sizes. The King size measures 87″ long by 80″ wide. The Queen size measures 80″ long by 60″ wide, the full measures 48″ long by 72″ wide, and the child-size measures 60″ long by 41″ wide. The King size is available in 25 pounds, the Queen is available in 15 and 20 pounds, the Full is available in 15 pounds, and the Child weighs 8 pounds. The general recommendation is to select a blanket between 8 and 12% of your body weight.

Nuzzie is also committed to giving back. During their Kickstarter phase, they pledged to donate 1% of their sales to the National Institute of Mental Health. And currently, for every blanket sold, Nuzzie will donate a blanket to a US charity.



The Nuzzie knit comes in four size options and four weight options.

  • Child — 40″ x 56″ — 8 lbs
  • Full — 48″ x 72″ — 15 lbs
  • Queen — 60″ x 80″— 15 lbs, 20 lbs
  • King — 80″ x 87″ — 25 lbs

The Nuzzie knit is available in seven colors:

Misty Grey, Oatmeal, Cream, Terracotta, Cactus, Midnight Blue, Charcoal


  • Buttery soft fabric
  • Allows air to flow freely so users won't overheat
  • Durable
  • Eco-friendly material
  • It uses weighted fabric rather than beads, so there's no chance weight will shift while using
  • Seven color options
  • It looks trendy
  • It's machine washable


  • Limited sizes and weight options
  • Some customers have reported that their toes get caught between the weave


Materials - 9
Softness - 9.5
- 0
Comfort - 9
Breathability - 10
Size and Weight Options - 7.5
Ease of Cleaning - 9.5
Value - 9.5
Technical details

Composed of proprietary OKEO-Tek certified weighted yarn, the Nuzzie Knit is handwoven. The yarn was made using 90% less water than cotton and grown without pesticides or fertilizers. The blanket's exterior consists of plush micro flannel polyester, and the interior is filled with down alternative polyester.


The weight of the Nuzzie Knit blanket comes from a proprietary material known as DuraFill. DuraFill is made of plush micro flannel polyester with an interior of down alternative polyester. The fabric distributes the weight of the blanket evenly across the body. Furthermore, DuraFill is a high-density fiber that is extremely durable. This means it won't fray or pill. It's also soft and gentle against the skin.

Nuzzie employs factories that comply with Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. This guarantees that they don't use any harmful chemicals in the blanket's production.

The Nuzzie Knit is handwoven. This open weave design lets air circulate for improved temperature regulation. As a result, users will stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


The manufacturers recommend that users wash The Nuzzie Knit a minimum of four times per year. Fortunately, the Nuzzie Knit is extremely easy to care for. All you need is a standard washer and dryer. Simply wash warm with similar colors and then tumble dry on low.

Where do they ship?

The Nuzzie Knit ships worldwide using carbon-neutral shipping. All customers will receive a tracking number once their order ships.

All orders in the US receive free standard shipping, which usually takes 3 to 8 days to arrive.

Orders outside of the US are subject to shipping fees. They estimate the following shipping rates:
Canada: $50-60
Germany: $100
UK: $120
Italy: $105
Seoul: $120
Australia: $150
Hong Kong: $120
Singapore: $145
Brazil: $250
Russia: $300

If your country isn't listed, you can message the company for a shipping estimate at

What is the Delivery Policy?
Return Policy

Any unopened blanked in new condition can be returned for no charge up to 30 days after the customer received the item. If the customer opened the package, however, they will need to pay for return shipping. If there is a manufacturer's defect, they will refund the customer entirely within 30 days of the order.

To begin the return process, customers must email [email protected].

Warranty Details

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