Best weighted blankets for kids 2020

About weighted blankets for kids

Before weighted blankets became a popular gift item for adults, they were used as a therapy tool for children. Weighted blankets were commonly used to treat children with autism, sleep problems, sensory processing disorders, and self-regulation issues. The deep pressure of the blanket helps soothe and comfort children, as well as calm them down when overstimulated. It also helps them fall asleep and remain asleep. Now that weighted blankets are commercially available; parents can employ them at home to help their kids sleep better and reduce their stress or anxiety.

When choosing a weighted blanket for children, the most important criteria is the blanket’s weight and size. Experts advise that it weigh no more than 10 percent of a child’s body weight and that the size is small enough that they won’t get tangled up in it. Your kid must be able to move freely around under it. Additionally, they should be able to throw it off them with ease. If you’re unsure of the right size and weight, consult a doctor or therapist beforehand.

Once you’ve found the ideal size and weight, you need to consider the feel of the blanket. Ideally, you want something soft, but if your child is a hot sleeper or gets cold easily, then you should look at either breathable material like cotton or bamboo or a thicker plush material.

As you’re no doubt aware, there’s a huge variety of options on the market for kids weighted blankets. Therefore, we’ve selected the best the market has to offer to help inform your buying decision. Read on to learn about the five best weighted blankets for children.

The SnugBug Compression Sheet

The SnugBug is a weighted blanket alternative. It provides the same benefits as a weighted blanket, but instead of using weight, it uses compression. The sheet works by wrapping around a mattress like a pillowcase. The child then slides under the sheet, and the stretch of the fabric keeps the child in place. Made of nylon spandex, the sheet compresses against the child’s body, giving deep pressure stimulation.

In comparison to a weighted blanket, this sheet will stay in place throughout the night and is usable with regular bedding. Furthermore, it’s ideal for all seasons as its cool in the summer, and a blanket can be added on top for the winter. Additionally, it’s machine washable.

Sweetzer and Orange

This blanket is designed specifically for children. It’s incredibly soft and comes in a variety of fun patterns. It’s available in a 36”x48” model that weighs 5 lbs and a 41” x 56” model that weighs 7 lbs. The 5 lb model is ideal for children who weigh between 42 and 63 lbs. The 7 lb model is suitable for children who weigh between 58 and 88 lbs. Sweetzer and Orange is made from cotton with a Minky dot fleece cover that is tactically soothing. Both the cover and the blanket are machine washable.


ZonLi doesn’t offer a model specifically for kids, but they do offer 5, 7, and 10 lb models which are suitable for most kids. The 5 lb option measures 36” x 48”. The 7 and 10 lb options measure 41” x 60”. The blanket’s exterior consists of breathable cotton. The interior consists of microfiber and solid polyester layers surrounding a layer of glass beads. The glass beads are sewn into extra small square pockets. This sewing technique allows the beads to be spread evenly over a child’s body. Additionally, the blanket can be machine washed and aid dried.


DensityComfort’s Kids Calming Weighted Blanket with Minky Cover is non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The blanket interior consists of 100% certified cotton and odorless glass beads sewn into individual compartments. The exterior of the blanket is a Minky fabric with a SensaDot texture pattern on one side that provides soothing tactile simulation. It’s available in two sizes, 41” x 60” and 36” x 48”, and two weights, 5 lbs, and 10 lbs. Additionally, its sold in either Pink/Gray or Blue/Gray. This blanket should be hand washed and air-dried.

Hush Kids

Hush Blanket offers two weighted blanket options for children. They have the Hush Kids Classic and the Hush Kids Iced. Both blankets consist of an inner weighted blanket made from microfiber material and are designed for children between 30 and 70 pounds. Hush Kids Classic weighs 5 lbs and measures 38” x 54”. Its cover is made of breathable, soft cotton and features a different design on each side. Hush Kids Iced weighs 5 lbs and measures 36” x 48”. It comes with a bamboo and cotton grey cooling cover. The cooling cover helps regulate a child’s temperature, preventing them from overheating during the night. The duvet cover can be machine washed, but the interior should only be spot cleaned.

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