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Weighted blankets seek to mimic the experience of deep pressure stimulation (DPS), which has calming properties that help those with ADHD, sensory processing disorders, or those who enjoy the peaceful, soothing comfort of weighted pressure while they sleep. Users also report that weighted blankets help with insomnia, anxiety, and restless sleep.

In reviews on Amazon, customers have reported that Degrees of Comfort blankets offer a more restful night’s sleep and that the weighted sensation reduces insomnia and restlessness. The blankets have also shown results for some anxiety sufferers. The blanket is said to create a sense of calm and serenity.

Of course, there can be an adjustment period to sleeping under a weighted blanket. Consumers report that it often takes a few nights to adjust to the feeling of a weighted blanket like Degrees of Comfort. Once they do, however, they sleep longer and wake more rested.

The Degrees of Comfort blankets are not designed to hang off the sides of the bed like other blankets. Hanging from the sides does not distribute the weight correctly, across the person. The small size can cause issues for those who want traditional bedding décor in their homes but is easily solved with a lightweight comforter, blanket, or other nice bedding used over the Degrees of Comfort. The cover over the Degrees of Comfort blanket can be folded back for sleep and pulled up again when you make the bed.


The Degrees of Comfort weighted blanket has solved a problem many weighted blankets have not mastered, which is how to adjust for hot and cold sleepers. Two duvets come with the blanket. One is designed for those who want to be cool and comfortable when they sleep, and the other is designed specifically for those who want to feel warm and cozy.

The duvets are made of high-quality materials. The cooler of the two uses CoolMax Microfiber technology that ventilates body heat. The other is a fleece material designed for coziness and warmth, even on the coldest winter night. The CoolMax technology used in Degrees of Comfort blankets is an answer to consumers who want the benefits of a weighted blanket, but have been unable to find one that is comfortable due to their bodies’ tendency to heat up during sleep.

The Degrees of Comfort blanket offers a variety of colors, sizes, and weight options:

Cotton Weighted Blanket

Sizes: 36″ x 48″, 48″ x 72″, 60″ x 80″

Weights: 6 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs


  • Most importantly, the nano-ceramic beads stay in place, so there is no sliding to one side or the other
  • Ships for free within the US.
  • Amazon's return policy has long been extremely customer friendly. You can buy this product and return it without any hassle if there’s an issue
  • Great warranty - 365-day hassle-free returns
  • Two machine-washable duvet covers for a cool or warm sleep (based on what you need)
  • Five weights and sizes to pick from


  • The dimensions are a bit small for traditional beds
  • The inner cover can only be spot cleaned with a damp rag
  • The duvets have no way to anchor to the blanket, so they can be unwieldy to put on and keep in place.


Materials - 10
Softness - 8.5
Warmth - 9
Comfort - 9.5
Breathability - 8.5
Size and Weight Options - 9
Ease of Cleaning - 7.5
Value - 9.5
Technical details

The Degrees of Comfort blanket is available on Amazon, and the prices vary by size. The blankets are reasonably priced, and when you factor in the dual duvet covers and overall level of quality, they are a bargain compared to similar “big brand” items.

Sizes: 36x48" 6lbs / 48x72" 10lbs / 48x72" 15lbs / 60x80" 20lbs / 60x80" 25lbs

If purchasing this for a king-sized bed in which two people will be sleeping, even the largest sized blanket may not be enough for both people to sleep comfortably. Customer-proposed solutions included purchasing two blankets for use on the bed.
Amazon Prime members receive free shipping on the blankets, and can often have them in as little as two days after placing the order.
The manufacturer offers a 365-day full money-back guarantee with no hassle. Customers report no issues with the return policy on these blankets.


Degrees of Comfort stands apart from other blankets with its nano-ceramic beads. Created by using a unique forging method, the beads are far more durable than the plastic beads used in some weighted blankets. Other blankets use a type of glass bead, which does not offer the comfort of ceramic. Nano-ceramic beads are finer and denser than plastic or glass.
The density means that the weight is achieved with fewer beads than what is used in other blankets. The beads also blend together, with even distribution that does not shift. Those who use weighted blankets frequently complain of the beads shifting, causing the weight to pull to one side. That is not a concern with Degrees of Comfort.
The nano-ceramic beads leave a silky soft feeling to the blanket, providing weight without the feeling of bulkiness or visible lumps of pellets. The blankets can be used as part of a bedding set, or they can be placed under a lightweight decorative bedding set.


The blanket itself should only be spot cleaned as needed, but the duvet covers can be washed on a regular cycle and machine dried. Some choose to use a light duvet over the duvet covers that come with the blanket, to reduce wear and fade on the original duvets if the blanket is used frequently. An extra duvet is also a good option if a child will use the blanket. Remember, weighted blankets are never recommended for babies or toddlers.

Where do they ship?

Degrees of Comfort blankets are available exclusively on Amazon. On Amazon, they are eligible for Amazon Prime shipping. Blankets through Amazon ship to the U.S., Canada, and the UK (if using the amazon UK site).

What is the Delivery Policy?

Degrees of Comfort does not have a delivery policy, other than that which governs Amazon Prime deliveries.
Amazon provides the estimated shipping and delivery date. For customers in the US, the delivery date can be as soon as two business days. Amazon provides email updates regarding the status of your delivery, or it can be found under the "My Account" information by clicking "My Orders."

Return Policy

The Degrees of Comfort products can be returned using Amazon products return policy. Returns are free, and you can print the mailing label at home. If you contact Amazon customer care, you can arrange to have the product picked up from your home at no extra cost.

Warranty Details

Degrees of Comfort promises 365 days of hassle-free returns. If you are dissatisfied with the blanket for any reason, you can return it for one year from the date of purchase. The blanket can be returned through Amazon for ninety days from the date of purchase. Amazon honors returns from third-party sellers through their A-Z return policy.
After the ninety days have expired, you have to reach out to Degrees of Comfort for warranty issues. You can reach Degrees of Comfort through whatever third-party seller you use on Amazon.

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