Top 5 Best Cooling Weighted Blankets for 2021

Hot sleepers are people who continually feel too warm during the night. This will often cause them to wake up in the middle of the night. As a result, they may end up sleep-deprived, which will negatively impact their health. If this sounds like you, then you may be thinking that you could never use a weighted blanket. After all, weighted blankets are designed to put pressure on the body thereby relieving symptoms of anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, and autism. As a result, weighted blankets do tend to retain heat. This is why several weighted blanket manufacturers have developed cooling versions of their blankets.

Cooling weighted blankets are designed to keep your body’s core temperature from rising too high while you sleep and waking you up. The most important property to a cooling blanket is its ability to wick away sweat. Wicking fabrics pull moisture from the body and bring it to the surface where it can evaporate. This process keeps your body fresh. It’s also helpful if the blanket consists of breathable fabric like cotton or bamboo.

Now that you know why you’d want a weighted cooling blanket and what they should be made of, let’s look at five of the best cooling weighted blankets on the market.

YnM Cooling Weighted Blanket

This product consists of soft bamboo viscose fabric and is filled with lightweight polyester fiber and breathable fiberfill. Bamboo viscose is a natural fabric that tends to be softer than cotton and offers antimicrobial properties. It wicks away sweat and is cool to the touch. It’s also eco-friendly. The blanket comes in four size options and eight weight options. It’s available in sizes, 41″ x 60, 48″ x 72″, 60″ x 80″,and 80″ x 87’ and weights of 7 lbs, 10 lbs, 12 lbs, 15 lbs, 17 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs, and 30 lbs. Additionally, it’s available in several colors, blue-grey, seagrass, light grey, khaki, pink, purple, flower, and leopard.

Hush Iced Weighted Blanket

The Hush Iced weighted blanket consists of the same material and construction as the Hush Classic. Like the Classic, it has an inner weighted blanket and an outer duvet. The interior contains glass microbeads that are distributed through small pockets to prevent pooling. However, instead of a Minky microfiber fabric duvet cover, the Hush Iced features a microfiber cooling cover that is breathable and wicks away sweat. The cover consists of a stretchy and soft blend of bamboo and cotton. It’s available in a 12 and 15 lb twin size, a 20 and 25 lbs queen size and a 30 and 35 lbs king size. It only comes in light grey.

Nirvana Original Blanket

The Nirvana Bamboo Blanket has two cooling properties. The first is its natural bamboo fabric that is breathable and moisture removing. The second is its “magic bands.” It has 17 magic bands that can be removed and placed in the freezer. Once frozen, they can then be put back in for a genuinely refreshing sleep. The bands contain naturally-treated oats and buckwheat, and in addition to being able to cool the user, they also give the blanket its weight. It’s available in one size, 58” x 80” and comes in 15, 20, or 25 lbs weight. Additionally, it’s only available in grey.

ZonLi Bamboo Cooling Weighted Blanket

This product consists of soft and smooth natural bamboo viscose. This material is breathable and moisture-wicking. As with the ZonLi Weighted Blanket, the cooling version features high-density sewing technology. This technology is designed to prevent beads from leaking and loose threads.

Additionally, the blanket is sewn with little squares containing glass beads that provide its weight. This method keeps the beads from bunching and allows the weight to be spread evenly over a person’s body. The Cooling Blanket is available in a twin size, queen size, and king size. In a twin size, the weight options are 12 and 15 lbs. In the queen size, the weight options are 15 and 20 lbs, and in the king-size, the options are 20 and 25 lbs. It’s available in white and grey navy.

CuteKing Weighted Blanket

The breathable cotton outer layer and sparse polyester fiberfill make this blanket breathable and temperature neutral. The cotton wicks away sweat, keeping a person’s body dry and cool. Additionally, the cotton is easy to care for and is durable and soft to the touch. Furthermore, it’s relatively thick and sturdy, preventing beads from falling out and providing a long lifespan. It’s available in sizes 41” x 60”, 60” x 80” and 80” x 87”. In the 41” x 60” size, you can only get a 10 lb weight. However, in the 60”x 80” and the 80” x 87” sizes, there are three weights available, 15, 20, and 25 lbs. Additionally, the blanket is only available in dark grey.

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