7 Pounds

If you weigh between 70 and 100 pounds, then a weighted blanket that weighs 7 pounds is the ideal weight for you. A comforter of this weight is as heavy as 21 bananas. If you use a duvet of this weight, you should be able to lift 7 pounds comfortably.

Weighted blankets get their heft from plastic or glass beads or pellets. They are generally sewn into small squares to keep the weighted material from shifting or bunching.

Most duvets of this heaviness are designed for children and dogs. This blanket weight comes in a variety of sizes. To select the size that’s right for you, choose a size that will comfortably cover your entire body without dragging on the floor.

When buying a throw of this size for a dog or child, it’s essential that the dog or child can easily get out from underneath it. Make sure to test this out before leaving your dog or child unsupervised with the blanket.

The pressure of 7 pounds is distributed evenly over the surface of the blanket. For this reason, the weight can be doubled if folded in half, or quadrupled if folded into a third. This means that folded in half, the comforter will feel like approximately 14 pounds. When folded a third time, it will feel like it weighs around 28 pounds. However, folding the duvet like this does reduce the size of the blanket. As a result, you won’t get as much coverage. For instance, when folded in half, it may only be able to drape around your shoulders. When folded into a third, it may only cover your legs.

These duvets can be machine washed on the gentle cycle in warm or cold water. They can also be air-dried or machine dried on low heat.

Manufacturers that make 7-pound comforters include:

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