5 Pounds

Blankets that weigh 5 pounds are ideal for users who weigh between 50 and 70 pounds (22kg to 32 kg). A duvet of this weight weighs the same as a bag of sugar. A user must be able to easily lift this amount comfortably. Never give a weighted comforter to someone who can not easily lift this burden.

The heaviness of a comforter comes from small objects such as pellets, discs, or beads. These can be made of plastic or glass and are usually sewn into individual pockets to keep the objects properly distributed.

This weight is mostly used in duvets designed for children and dogs. While duvets of this weight are available in a variety of sizes, the most common size is 36 x 48 inches. The ideal comforter size for any user is one that completely covers the body while not being so large as to drag on the floor. In general, this means that the user should be 36 to 42 inches tall.

The weight of 5 pounds is spread evenly across the blanket, and therefore if you fold the comforter in half, you double the weight of the duvet, so it’s like it weighs 10 pounds. If you fold it a third time, it will weigh approximately 20 pounds. However, in doing this, you decrease the surface area that the blanket covers. Folded in half, you may only be able to use the blanket across your shoulders. Folded into a third, you will likely only be able to cover your feet or your lap.

Most weighted duvets of this heft can be machine washed. They should be washed on gentle in warm or cold water. They can then be machine dried on low heat or air-dried.

Brands that carry 5-pound comforters include:

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