30 Pounds

A 30-pound blanket is the second heaviest blanket available on the market. It’s only recommended for people who weigh 300-350 pounds, or for couples who are sharing a comforter. When sharing a duvet, the weight is divided between the two people, so each person receives a weight equivalent to 15 pounds. If you’re using the blanket solo, you must be able to lift this weight easily.  

In general, 30-pound comforters come in a Queen or King size. Regardless of whether you’re shopping for yourself or shopping for a blanket for you and a partner, you need to choose a duvet size that is the right proportion. The ideal size is one that completely covers either you or you and your partner, without excess material. If there’s a lot of material hanging off the sides, the weight of the comforter will be pulled towards the floor. This will result in the blanket sliding off your body.

The weight for a 30-pound blanket can come from different materials. In general, duvet fillings consist of glass or plastic beads or pellets, chains, or grains. These contents are segregated into tiny squares. The squares allow the weight of the comforter to be appropriately distributed over one or more bodies.

A 30-pound comforter can’t be machine washed. It’s therefore recommended that you buy a removable duvet cover that is machine washable. This will keep the blanket clean. If the weighted duvet does get dirty, it should be spot cleaned and air-dried. Additionally, you should look for a comforter with ties that attach the comforter to the cover. Ties are essential for preventing the duvet from shifting inside the cover. It’s even better if the cover comes with a perimeter zipper, as this will make putting the cover on much easier.

Brands that carry 30-pound duvets are:

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