20 Pounds

Twenty-pound blankets are best suited for individuals who weigh between 200 and 250 pounds. Lighter individuals who want increased pressure can use this blanket, as long as they are able to carry it comfortably and easily get out from underneath it. A 20-pound duvet is the equivalent weight of a car tire. Keep this in mind when shopping for a comforter of this heft. If you don’t think you can lift a car tire, then this blanket isn’t for you.

If you feel like you want more weight, a good way to achieve this is to fold the duvet in half. This will double the pressure of the comforter, making it feel like it weighs 40 pounds. You can further increase the pressure by folding it again to make the weight seem like 80 pounds. While folding the blanket will make it smaller, it can be useful to do so in order to direct pressure to specific parts of your body.

Weighted comforters are available in an assortment of sizes. When selecting a size, you should consider the length and width of your body. A properly fitting duvet should cover your entire body without there being too much material left over. As a result of the weighted filling, leftover material can cause the blanket to shift off your body. Therefore, you should choose a comforter size that isn’t too large.

The heaviness of a weighted blanket comes from material like glass beads or plastic pellets. The filling is usually placed in individual squares. In doing so, the weight of the duvet is able to be evenly distributed over a person’s body.

This weight of comforter should be washed by hand or spot cleaned and air-dried.

Brands that carry 20-pound duvets are:

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