18 Pounds

If you’re searching for a weighted blanket that’s slightly heavier than 15-pounds, but not as heavy as 20-pounds, then you may want to try an 18-pound duvet. Eighteen pounds is also a suitable weight for persons who weigh 180 to 200 pounds. However, manufacturers recommend that no person use a comforter that they can’t comfortably carry. Eighteen pounds is equivalent to three and a half building bricks. If you can’t imagine being able to carry that amount, then you should choose a lighter weight.

This duvet weight comes in a variety of dimensions to suit a wide range of adult body types. To choose a comforter size, you should consider the breadth and length of your own body. Ideally, you want the blanket to cover you entirely, without too much excess material. If too much material hangs off your body, the weight of the duvet will cause it to be pulled off you.

In general, comforters can be folded to increase their heft, allowing you to put more pressure on specific parts of your body. For instance, if you fold your 18-pound blanket in half, this will double the pressure, making the blanket feel like 36 pounds. If you fold it into a third, you will increase the pressure to the equivalent of 72 pounds. By folding the duvet, you make it smaller, so it will cover less of your body. However, this can be useful if you want to target specific areas of your body.

The filling of a weighted comforter can consist of several different objects. Most commonly, weighted duvets contain glass or plastic pellets or beads. This substance is then segregated into squares, ensuring that the blanket’s weight is accurately proportioned over your body.

Eighteen-pound weighted duvets should be washed by hand or spot cleaned and air-dried.

Brands that carry 18-pound comforters are:

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