15 Pounds

If you want to purchase a 15-pound weighted blanket, then it’s recommended that you weigh between 150 and 200 pounds. However, if you are under 150 pounds and prefer a heavier blanket, you can choose this weight as long as you’re able to carry it easily and get out from under it. For instance, consider that a bowling ball or a medium bag of dog food weighs 15 pounds. Are you able to lift either of those easily? If the answer is yes, then this weight is suitable for you. 

Fifteen-pound comforters are generally designed for adults. They’re available in a variety of sizes, but you should choose a size that covers your body without too much extra material. The more material that hangs off your body, the more likely it is that the weight of the duvet will cause it to fall off your body.

Weighted blankets can be filled with several different substances. The most common fillings consist of glass beads, plastic pellets, grains, or chains. The filling is then divided into grids, which keep the weight well proportioned over your body.  

If you want a heavier weight, you can fold the comforter in half to increase the pressure so it feels like double the weight. You can also fold it a third time to simulate the weight of doubling again. However, in doing so, you also reduce the size of the blanket. This means that you will only receive pressure on certain parts of your body. This can be beneficial if you want to relieve pain on your shoulders or legs.

In general, this heavy of a duvet should be hand washed or spot cleaned. However, you should always follow the instructions on your blanket for the best way to clean it.

Brands that carry 15-pound comforters are:

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