12 Pounds

The general recommendation for weighted blankets is that you should choose one that is 10% of your body weight. Therefore, if you weigh between 120 and 150 pounds, you should select a blanket that weighs 12 pounds. A 12-pound duvet is equivalent in weight to 36 bananas. It’s essential that you can easily lift the weight of 12 pounds. If you don’t think you can carry that amount, then choose a lighter weight.

A weighted comforter consists of plastic/glass pellets or beads. These items give the blanket its weight and are generally sewn into small squares. These squares keep the weight dispersed adequately over one’s body. In order to increase the heaviness of the duvet, you can fold the comforter in half. This will double the pressure of the blanket, making it feel like 24 pounds. Additionally, the blanket can be folded into a third, to double the heft once again. This would then make the blanket weigh akin to 48 pounds. Doing this is useful if you want to increase the weight on a specific part of your body, for example, your lap or shoulders.

Duvets of this mass are meant for adults and larger dogs. They come in different sizes, and you should choose a size that fits comfortably over your body. If possible, avoid selecting a size that is too large. You want to avoid having too much material hang off you as the weight of the comforter will cause it to slide off your body.

Most manufacturers do not recommend washing this weight of blanket in a machine. You should always follow the washing instructions of your individual comforter, but in general, this weight should be hand washed or spot cleaned. It should also be air-dried.

Brands that carry 12-pound duvets include:

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