10 Pounds

A 10-pound weighted blanket is ideally suited for someone who weighs between 100 and 120 pounds. A 10-pound comforter is the equivalent weight of a large bag of potatoes or an adult Maltese dog. Keep this in mind when purchasing a weighted duvet. If you struggle to lift a sack of potatoes, then you should select a smaller weight.

A weighted duvet gets its heaviness from filling made of pellets or beads. The pellets or beads come in either a glass or plastic variant. The filling is separated into grids to keep it evenly distributed over a person’s body. This weight can be manipulated by folding the duvet in half, to double the weight, or in a third to quadruple the weight. For example, this means that when doubled, the blanket will approximate the weight of 20 pounds. When quadrupled, the comforter will feel like it weighs 40 pounds. Doubling or quadrupling the comforter will decrease the size of the duvet. As a result, it may not cover your entire body.

Comforters of this heft are generally meant for adults. However, they can be used by older children and larger dogs. When selecting a blanket size, it’s important to choose a size that will comfortably cover your entire body. However, it should not be so large as to drape on the floor. If your duvet drapes on the floor, this will cause the excess weight will pull the comforter off your body.

In general, it’s recommended that you wash a blanket of this weight in a commercial washer as it will likely be too heavy for regular machines. It can also be dried in an industrial dryer or air-dried. That being said, you should always follow the washing instructions on your weighted blanket, as manufacturing methods differ.

Brands that carry 10-pound comforters include:

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